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Salt Applications

  • Only about 6% of the salt manufactured in the world is used in food.
  • 12% is used in water conditioning processes,
  • 8% goes for de-icing highways.
  • 6% is used in agriculture.
  • The rest (68%) is used for manufacturing and other industrial processes.

Sodium chloride is one of the largest inorganic raw materials used by volume. Its major chemical products are caustic soda and chlorine, which are  separated by the  electrolysis  of  a pure brine  solution.  These are used  in the manufacture of  PVC,  plastics,  paper pulp and  many other inorganic and organic compounds. Salt is also used as a flux in the production of aluminum. For this purpose, a layer of melted salt floats on top of the molten metal and removes iron and other metal contaminants. It is also used in the manufacture of soaps and glycerin, where it is added to the vat to precipitate out the saponified products. As an emulsifier,  salt is used in the manufacture of synthetic rubber, and another use is in the firing of pottery,  when salt  added to the furnace vaporises  before  condensing onto the  surface of the ceramic  material,  forming a strong glaze.

About our Salt:

We offer rock salt, for the following applications:
  • Water conditioning processes.
  • De-icing (Snow Melt) for highways and airports.
  • Agriculture.
  • Manufacturing and other industrial processes.
  • Crude Salt.

Our Rock Salt Specifications:

Product Type: Rock Salt.
Place of Origin: Siwa, Egypt.
Form: Solid.
Purity: >97.00% up to 99.5%
Processing Type: Raw.
Appearance: white.
Granulation: According to buyer requirements.
Anti-Caking: As per client specification.
Production Capacity: 120,000 Metric Ton / Month.
Packaging Details: Bulk or as per client requirements.

Road Salt, De-icing Salt, Industrial Salt
Rock Salt Certificate Analysis
AlSawsan For Development, Import & Export
AlSawsan For Development, Import & Export
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